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Plateau Outdoor Sofa & Sun Lounge


Grand modular design crafted for comfort

An ideal blending of form and function achieves new heights of outdoor luxury. With multi-directional seating and modular flexibility, every lifestyle need is met.

Omni Positional Backrests reinvent traditional seating. Sit upright, lounge in comfort or rearrange the backrests in the middle of the sofa for dual seating.

Customisable layout

Customisable layout

Move seat cushions and shelves within the sofa platform to suit different seating arrangements and easily expand with additional modules over time.
High-performance removable covers

Convertible sun lounge design

Select designs easily convert from a flat sofa seat into an angled sun lounge with back support. Simply place the Omni Positional Backrest under the headrest cushion to create a sun lounge.

Next generation weather resistance

Next generation weather resistance

Engineered steel frame with KingCote® for exceptional durability combines with the choice of sustainable teak or high-performance ceramic, backed by a 5-Year Outdoor Warranty.

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Popular Plateau Outdoor Sofa & Sun Lounge packages


Plateau Outdoor Sofa Package B

Full Price From RM22,169 Sale Price From RM11,990


Plateau Outdoor Sun Lounge 2 Seater with Shelving

Features one platform module, one convertible sun lounge cushion and two shelf inserts.

Full Price From RM13,174 Sale Price From RM7,790


Plateau Outdoor Sun Lounge 2 Seater

Features one platform module and one convertible sun lounge cushion.

Full Price From RM9,634 Sale Price From RM5,990

Introductory Offer

Plateau Outdoor Sofa Package A

Full Price From RM21,525 Introductory Offer Price From RM11,690


Plateau Outdoor Sofa Package C

Full Price From RM22,810 Sale Price From RM12,290

Introductory Offer

Plateau Outdoor Sofa 2 Seater

Full Price From RM8,993 Introductory Offer Price From RM5,690

Introductory Offer

Plateau Outdoor Sofa 2 Seater with Shelving

Full Price From RM12,532 Introductory Offer Price From RM7,490


Plateau Outdoor Ottoman

Full Price From RM3,961 Sale Price From RM2,890


Plateau Outdoor Coffee Table

Designed to pair with the Plateau Outdoor Sofa. Customise in a choice of signature finishes.

Full Price From RM4,601 Sale Price From RM2,990