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A timeless design of contemporary simplicity

The award-winning Zaza unites gentle organic lines and luxurious deep seats for a relaxed tailored finish. Designed in collaboration with leading Australian designer Charles Wilson, Zaza sets a new benchmark in contemporary design.

Zaza features adjustable arms and backs that move seamlessly allowing you to choose the angle that best suits your comfort level. The clever modular design reconfigures easily to achieve a range of settings.

Relaxed luxury

Relaxed luxury

Deep seats invite you to sink into a cocoon of relaxed luxury. Underneath the tailored finish a thick overlay of Ultradown® delivers the signature sink-in comfort of all King sofas.
Detailed simplicity 

Detailed simplicity 

Zaza rests lightly on slender steel legs finished in dark bronze. The distinctive edge stitching achieves a level of refinement that is at once elegant and casual.

Australian design

Australian design

Designed in collaboration with Charles Wilson, one of Australia’s most celebrated designers, Zaza is a true expression of the relaxed Australian lifestyle.


King Difference

Engineered for comfort and support

Every King Living Sofa is crafted with a King Steel Frame and Postureflex® Seating System for a lifetime of comfort.

King Steel Frame

Precision-engineered for durability, the steel frame provides a robust and flexible foundation, accommodating endless configurations with ease.

Postureflex® Seating System

Inspired by luxury European cars' sophisticated steel suspension systems, the innovative design ensures exceptional comfort and optimal support.

25 Year Steel Frame Warranty

Backed by a 25 year guarantee, the steel frame is the strong foundation that ensures your sofa will last a lifetime.

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Zaza 3 Seater Deep 2 Flex AB

Full Price From RM20,438 Sale Price From RM9,990


Zaza 2.5 Seater Standard 2 Flex AB

Full Price From RM17,050 Sale Price From RM8,990


Zaza 2.5 Seater Deep 2 Flex AB

Full Price From RM17,853 Sale Price From RM9,590


Zaza 2 Seater Standard 2 Flex AB

Full Price From RM14,671 Sale Price From RM8,190


Zaza 3 Seater Standard 2 Flex AB

Full Price From RM19,535 Sale Price From RM9,350


Zaza Package 1 Standard

Full Price From RM26,081 Sale Price From RM14,390


Zaza Package 2 Standard

Full Price From RM23,677 Sale Price From RM12,790


Zaza Package 6 Standard

Full Price From RM27,092 Sale Price From RM15,590


Zaza Package 3 Standard

Full Price From RM28,542 Sale Price From RM14,990


Zaza Fabric Armchair

Full Price From RM8,402 Sale Price From RM4,990