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Jasper Coast


Luxurious comfort, tailored for relaxation

Experience Australia’s most awarded sofa in a new aesthetic. Expansive deep seating invites true comfort. The modular design is endlessly adaptable, even transforming into a guest bed.

Like every Jasper Sofa the patented connecting system allows you to rearrange seats, back, arms, and shelves with ease. Customise your look with a choice of piped or taped cushions.

Unparalleled comfort

Unparalleled comfort

Deep pillowy seats and back cushions are crafted with a high resilience foam that maintains its shape over time, delivering exceptional comfort and lasting support.
Truly modular design

A fresh expression

Select soft arms or shelving available in signature timber finishes, with the option of wireless charging and integrated lighting.

Customise your Jasper Coast

Tailored covers are easily replaced for a fresh new seasonal style or removed for machine washing on selected fabrics.

King Difference

Engineered for comfort and support

Every King Living Sofa is crafted with a King Steel Frame and Postureflex® Seating System for a lifetime of comfort.

King Steel Frame

Precision-engineered for durability, the steel frame provides a robust and flexible foundation, accommodating endless configurations with ease.

Postureflex® Seating System

Inspired by luxury European cars' sophisticated steel suspension systems, the innovative design ensures exceptional comfort and optimal support.

25 Year Steel Frame Warranty

Backed by a 25 year guarantee, the steel frame is the strong foundation that ensures your sofa will last a lifetime.

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Jasper Coast Sofa

Full Price From RM26,017 Sale Price From RM11,990


Jasper Coast Chaise Sofa

Full Price From RM29,824 Sale Price From RM14,100


Jasper Coast Chaise Sofa

Full Price From RM30,437 Sale Price From RM14,390


Jasper Coast Chaise Sofa and Chair

Full Price From RM41,323 Sale Price From RM19,990


Jasper Coast Chair

Full Price From RM10,986 Sale Price From RM6,690


Jasper Coast Ottoman

Full Price From RM3,523 Sale Price From RM2,290