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King is proud to be a Sensitive Choice® partner

With 300 million people worldwide suffering from asthma and one in three of us, allergies, the Sensitive Choice® program was developed by the National Asthma Council Australia to help educate people about the importance of managing their asthma and allergies.

Following a rigorous independent panel review process, the program approves products which are asthma and allergy aware. Distinguished by the Sensitive Choice® blue butterfly symbol, this helps asthma and allergy sufferers easily recognise products that benefit them.



King is proud to have its KingGuard+ protection treatment recognised as a Sensitive Choice® approved product. Developed exclusively for textiles, the non-toxic water-based formula is designed to shield your King furniture against common spills as well as improving the longevity of your King product by easing the removal of stains. It can be used on sofas, beds, chairs, ottomans as well as cushions.

Please note KingGuard+ can not be applied to Club, Preston Velvet or the Outdoor fabric range.


Soft Furnishings


Sensitive Choice® has recognised King's soft furnishings to be perfectly suitable for those suffering from allergies and asthma.

King's soft furnishings are constructed from layers of open-cell Polyurethane foams of differing densities and hardness, providing you with relief from allergies by reducing your exposure to dust mites. Back cushions are comprised of either 100% feather, 34% feather and 66% Ultra Down mix or 100% Ultra Down.


Sleep+ Mattress

King's Sleep+ mattress range has been recognised by Sensitive Choice® for its unique design. Whilst some mattresses contain layers of felt or foams - which act like filters trapping dead skin cells and moisture, creating the perfect breeding ground for dust-mites and mould - all the components in our Sleep+ mattresses have been engineered to allow for maximum breathability.

This enables all of the components of the mattress to work in harmony, providing the best possible support whilst also allowing moisture to evaporate, ensuring a dry and clean environment within the zipped cover. All components can be easily removed and vacuumed, and the ‘Fit’ covers can be machine washed and replaced as needed. This allows you to easily maintain a fresh and healthy mattress, and avoid entire mattresses going to landfill.

Visit https://www.sensitivechoice.com/ for more information.