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Love It Or List It Australia Episode 8

14 Nov 2018 |  Inspiration

King Living are proud to be an official partner of Love It Or List It Australia once again for Series two. Featuring in the eighth episode of the Foxtel Lifestyle series.

Ange and Sonia bought their 4 bed Daisy Hill property in a rush. They had sold their existing property and needed somewhere for themselves and 3 dogs. Sonia learnt to love their home, but Ange never bonded with it and its dated interior is becoming intolerable for her. The stove top in the kitchen is squashed in the corner and when they are in the space together they are forever banging into each other. She is also over the rabbit warren rooms downstairs.

Ange longs for an open plan home with a functioning kitchen but Sonia has never lived in open plan and is hesitant. She thinks their current home has a great energy and meets all their needs. That said Sonia has to admit the kitchen could do with improving.

Andrew has the job of finding a home to suit both open plan loving Ange and open plan averse Sonia while Neale must work his magic to banish Ange’s negative feelings for the current house.

Neale has created an eclectic, colourful design aesthetic, incorporating characterful artworks that flaunt the couple’s love of animals.

King Living - Opera On The Beach

The living room features the stunning Neo sofa in Palm Beach Azure, styled with tan Cassia cushions to complement the Edge Cosmo Sideboard in Walnut.

King Living - Opera On The Beach

The new open plan dining space continues the luxe feel with an Elegance Domino Extension Dining Table and Palm Beach Seaspray Quay Dining Chairs.

Watch the full episode on Foxtel Now.

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