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Discover Bellaire

12 May 2021 |  Design Inspiration


A bold statement in personal comfort

Bellaire, one of the newest additions to the King Sofa Collection, is designed for lounging on a grand scale. What makes Bellaire unique is the close attention paid to personalised comfort.

Each luxuriously cushioned seat features unique bolster support that seamlessly converts into a headrest for genuine high-back comfort. The sofa arm with integrated motion technology reclines effortlessly to any angle with just the touch of a button.

The King in-house design team explain the inspiration behind the design, "The concept for Bellaire was a contemporary lowline sofa that was soft and luxurious, sat off the ground and incorporated adjustable high back support."

Bellaire is a design full of surprises, delivering on the King promise of making furniture that surpasses ordinary.

"As a modular sofa, Bellaire brings together contemporary form and intuitive technology to achieve genuine adjustable high back comfort in a sleek unsuspecting design."

The supportive bolster moves easily to become a headrest.

Adjustable headrest

The King design team's quest for high back comfort was an ongoing challenge. While many of us love the look of a lowline sofa, we crave more support when sitting and relaxing. The trick is finding a way to combine both without compromising on design or comfort. Bellaire's ingenious adjustable headrest was the key to winning that battle, but as the team explains, as a design challenge, it put up a good fight.

"We ended up designing the entire sofa around the bolster and headrest mechanism, which is a little crazy as usually we design from the platform up. We found that every time we adjusted the headrest, we'd need to change everything across the sofa. It became a balance of perfecting the headrest while and staying true to the overall design.”

Bellaire in Whiteley Crystal with platform and bolsters in Prestige Silver. 

Contoured to the shape of the sofa, Bellaire's adjustable headrest relies on an innovative hinge device designed and manufactured by the King team.

"The hidden hinge sits between the back cushion and the backrest. It folds up to form the headrest and then rotates to face back onto the sofa. The functionality is very unique and subtle.”

Bellaire's adjustable headrest is available in a stainless steel or powder coated finish or can be covered with matching fabric.


Streamlined design

Bellaire achieves a clean, streamlined design thanks to the engineered steel frame. With a maximum span just shy of three meters, the thin yet durable base is effortlessly supported by two stylised legs that complement the design's contemporary aesthetic.

"Bellaire's stylised leg is cast from steel. We did this partly to achieve a lightness in the design but also to make sure the leg could be used across other designs, like the Bellaire Bed."

The expansive full-length backrest is revealed between the cushions, accentuating the design’s sleek and impressive silhouette. Beautiful from every angle, Bellaire’s considered design is ideal for open plan living. 


This approach is typical of all King furniture. The design team is always looking for ways to optimise designs for manufacturing to help minimise waste.

Motion Control Arm

One of the unique features on the Bellaire is the arm with motion control. King has an excellent track record when it comes to incorporating technology into furniture, but each new design presents its own challenges.

"The interesting thing about the arm is that all the components and mechanisms are hidden in the arm… The biggest challenge was designing the mechanism to move smoothly and reliably while ensuring all the motorised components were housed safely within the confined space of the arm.”

With just a touch on the discreetly placed button, the Bellaire arm reclines, allowing you to choose the angle that suits your level of comfort. 



Modular comfort

Bellaire's modular components offer endless configurations to suit every space. The deep cushioned seats, backrests and cushions can be reconfigured to suit your lifestyle. If you move home or renovate, Bellaire can adapt to your new space. King tailored removable covers allow you to change the look or update your sofa as needed.

And, of course, Bellaire features the sink-in comfort of all King sofas. Working in harmony with the steel frame, the PostureFlex® suspension system uses the same technology as leading European car manufacturers to ensure long-lasting performance. The seats are factory optimised before covering to ensure perfect balance, and the back cushions filled with luxuriously soft Ultradown®.

The comfort that King is renowned for comes down to innovation and experience.

"There's a deep level of experience in the design team. More than 40 years of comfort engineering is invested into every King sofa, so the comfort experience is very refined. King is always looking for ways to do things differently and achieve a better result."



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