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Dining room table ideas for spaces of every size and shape


The right dining table can completely transform your dining space. Size, shape and style all matter, combining to create better flow, functionality and visual appeal in your dining room. 

Your dining table should reflect your taste and your lifestyle. More than just a place for meals, dining tables are conversation hubs and, increasingly, serve multiple purposes, such as a workspace or homework station.  

We share dining room table ideas to suit different spaces of and lifestyle requirements, including key pieces from the King Living Dining Collection.


Featuring the Heritage Dining Extension Table in Natural Oak and Heirloom Dining Chairs in TrueTouch Wattleseed and Natural Oak.

The Heritage Extension Dining Table easily transitions to a 10-Seater table.


Extension dining tables for entertaining 


If you enjoy entertaining in your home, you often need a large dining table that can accommodate groups of guests. Take the effort out of choosing the right dining table size with an extension dining table, a versatile, space-saving addition to your dining room. You get the benefit of a larger table without needing to sacrifice space on a day-to-day basis, maintaining a seamless aesthetic no matter the occasion.  

The Heritage Extension Dining Table effortlessly balances style and functionality, seamlessly transforming from a 6-seater to a 10-seater when the need arises. Featuring a timeless style, the luxuriously deep timber tabletop sits on an engineered steel frame for maximum stability and longevity. Pair with the Heirloom Dining Chair for tailored comfort. 


Featuring the Eto Dining Table in Nero Marquina Marble and Quay Indoor Armless Dining Chairs.


Round dining tables for small spaces 


Limited dining space doesn't have to cramp your style or comfort. Round tables are ideal for making the most of small areas due to their space-saving design and smooth edges. Curved styles efficiently utilise the available space around the dining table, helping to facilitate a smoother traffic flow. 

The Eto Dining Table, available in two sizes, is an ideal dining table for small spaces. The sleek design features a minimalist frame that cleverly opens up the space, creating an airy and uncluttered aesthetic. Choose from three stylish timber veneer table top finishes, or instead opt for premium European marble. Pair with the contoured curves of the Quay Indoor Armless Dining Chair to complete the look. 


Featuring the Aspen Dining Table in Smoked Oak and Aspen Dining Chairs in Quilty Natural and Smoked Oak.


Rectangular dining tables for multifunctionality 


In some homes, the dining room is a multifunctional piece of furniture, used beyond mealtimes. Rectangular shaped tables are the ideal dining room tables for large families or where the table needs to serve multiple purposes. With a rectangular table, you can more easily create zones for simultaneous activities, such as two children doing homework at the same time. 

With clean lines, a slim profile and elegantly angled legs, the Aspen Dining Table delivers on style and functionality. The table is available in two sizes to suit your available space and can be paired with the matching Aspen Dining Chairs for a cohesive look. Choose from three premium timber veneer finishes.


Featuring the Issho Dining Table in American Walnut and Amara Soft Dining Chair in Prestige Perlino and American Walnut.


Curved dining tables to make a statement 


Make your dining table the focal point of the room by making a statement with a curved dining table. A statement table captures the attention, creating a sense of grandness and luxury. With a curved table, you also have the added benefit of maximising the space around the table. 

The Issho Dining Table is a statement in and of itself, with a sculptural form that celebrates the beauty of organic curves. Available in a round or curved rectangular shape, the curved base pillars can be rearranged in an open or plinth style to suit your taste. The option for a built-in lazy susan adds to the functionality of the table. Pair with the elegant curves of the Amara Dining Chairs. 


Featuring the Quay Dining Table in Marble, Quay Dining Chairs and Marion Rug in Sandstone. 

Featuring the Quay Outdoor Dining Table and Quay Outdoor Dining Chairs


Indoor/outdoor dining tables for flexibility 


Indoor-outdoor living is a modern home trend that blurs the boundaries between indoors and out. One way to create a cohesive flow between your indoor and outdoor spaces is with matching dining tables to carry a consistency throughout both spaces. Alternatively, choose a dining table that’s suitable for indoors and outdoors for a versatile solution that can be moved around the different areas of your home.  

The Quay Dining Table offers exceptional versatility. A modern design, the table is available in timber or marble for indoor use or high-performance ceramic, which can be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces. The Quay Dining Chair is also available as an indoor or outdoor chair to maintain the indoor-outdoor consistency.  


Dine in style with King Living 


Combining a welcoming, clean aesthetic with unsurpassed levels of comfort, the King Living Dining Collection offers a style for every space.  

Explore the King Living Dining Collection and discover more dining room table ideas to bring timeless design and luxurious comfort into your dining area. 

For more guidance on what size dining table for your room or other dining room design ideas, visit the below resources: