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Jasper: A journey of design excellence

22 Feb 2022 |  Design Product spotlight

Australia's multi award-winning sofa

The pinnacle of Australian design, Jasper incorporates five decades of design expertise to deliver unsurpassed luxury and unmatched personal comfort. In its second iteration, the multi-award-winning sofa adapts to your lifestyle with clever hidden storage, shelving and a media console. The Jasper Collection has expanded to include outdoor and bedroom designs. Recognised for design excellence, Jasper is the ultimate expression of relaxed style and luxurious comfort. 


Australia's multi award-winning sofaThe Jasper Collection, including the award-winning Jasper Sofa featured in Prestige Saddle and Jasper Occasional Tables.


Flexible Living

From edgy inner-city warehouses to chic beachside abodes, Jasper has the innate versatility and timeless appeal to adapt to any interior. Introduced in 2003, Jasper took flexible design to the next level with a component connecting system that allowed for multiple settings and streamlined integrated shelving.  Jasper’s modular components can be arranged into numerous configurations - Jasper is a sofa, a bed, a side table, and a bookshelf rolled into one.


Jasper II

Jasper II


Launched in 2018, the second Jasper iteration updates the classic with refinements on the original design's much-loved features and the addition of optional hidden storage and smart accessories that adapt to your lifestyle.  


Customised accessories

The timber shelves, available in three signature timber finishes, now feature a sophisticated bevelled edge and the option of wireless charging. A timber media console, available in two sizes, can be added to sit elegantly in the middle of the sofa. Smart Pockets™ allow for integrated accessories, including an LED reading light, SONOS compatible speaker bracket and smart swivel tables. Both platform seats come with optional hidden storage making it effortless to store away items and keep your space clutter-free.   


Beautiful from every angle

Jasper II Outdoor


The authentic Australian lifestyle embraces open plan living. And for good reason. Spaces that flow from one to the next and connect seamlessly with the outdoors adapt effortlessly to our modern lives. The considered design of Jasper takes every angle into account, delivering an understated beauty from every angle, in every configuration. The extensive range of KING premium fabrics and luxurious leathers allows you to create a space that reflects your unique point of view. 


Comfort Redefined

Below the refined exterior of Jasper is an interconnected network of engineered comfort. It starts with the foundation of the galvanised KING Steel frame that works together with the Postureflex® Seating System to provide ultimate support and maintain the look of the sofa for years to come. High-resilience memory foam seats create exceptional levels of comfort without losing shape, and the luxurious feather overlay cushions encourage ultimate relaxation.


Jasper Outdoor

Jasper II OutdoorSit back, relax and enjoy the legendary comfort of Jasper Outdoor.


Jasper Outdoor is a testament to the design's quality and versatility, and there is no better testing ground for outdoor furniture than the harsh Australian environment. Like all KING furniture, Jasper Outdoor was designed and tested by the KING Design Studio in Sydney. 

Finished in WeatherWeave®, Jasper Outdoor combines the best of comfort engineering with traditional hand craftsmanship. Developed exclusively for the KING Outdoor Collection, WeatherWeave® is handwoven to achieve a rhythmic texture and designed to withstand even the harshest weather. 


Jasper Bed

Jasper II OutdoorThe Jasper Bed – complete with shelves and storage. 


Complete with shelves and storage, Jasper's innovative design elements have been reimagined for the perfect night’s sleep. Generously proportioned with built-in features the Jasper Bed delivers a streamlined alternative to bedside tables, lamps or bed-end ottomans. The Jasper Bed is a perfect fit with the award-winning Sleep+ Mattress that combines personalised layers to create the perfect night's sleep. 


Designed to last for a lifetimeJasper Bed


Sustainability sits at the heart of every KING design. Furniture components are made from materials that can be recycled at end of life. 

The engineered steel frame that forms the foundation of every KING sofa is fully recyclable. Removable covers allow you to refresh instead of replacing your sofa and the KING Care team can replace your covers in the convenience of your own home. 

Like all KING furniture, every piece in the Jasper range is designed to last generations, reducing both landfill and carbon emissions. And of course, the iconic modular design that defines KING ingenuity adapts to meet your lifestyle, today tomorrow and years in the future. 


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