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3 tips to choosing furniture that’ll help uplift the outdoors

14 Dec 2018 |  Inspiration

Dining and unwinding outdoors in the company of friends and family is one of life’s greatest pleasures. With the holiday season just around the corner, you have the opportunity to impress your guests with an outdoor entertaining experience that exudes personality.

The key is to invest in a few carefully-selected furniture pieces to make the outdoors your most used and treasured spot this season. Here are some tips and suggestions to help you make the right selections.

King Living - Opera On The Beach

Plan where the furniture goes

Deciding on furniture placement is a crucial first step before making the actual purchase. This could be in your patio, alfresco, apartment balcony, garden or even the poolside.

Measure up and don’t forget to factor in movement and interactivity before deciding what goes where. You’ll also want to keep sheltered spots or pergolas in mind, in case of unfavourable weather.

King Living - Opera On The Beach

Start with the sofa

When you’re thinking of investing in outdoor furniture, a sofa is the best place to start. With consumer preferences veering towards comfort and versatility, modular sofas are great to help create multiple seating options, especially if you have a large group over. Alternatively, day beds, love seats or loungers make for excellent outdoor additions. Remember to opt for weather-resistant fabrics for added longevity. King Living’s Delta Outdoor sofa collection impresses with its stylish form and the WeatherWeave™ is specially designed to keep its finish longer than standard rattans and wicker and adds a modern twist to the classic look. What’s more, the sofas feature high-grade quality outdoor fabric that is carefully designed to withstand the elements.

For compact outdoor spaces, the King Living Delta Outdoor Circle sofa with its elegant, circular design will lend a sense of cosiness to your spaces without taking up too much room.

King Living - Opera On The Beach

Look for easy-care and durable furniture

Think of the outdoors as an extension of your indoor living areas. But, steer clear of furniture that needs extensive routine cleaning and maintenance. It is best to select weather-resistant materials to ensure your furniture continues to look good for years together. King Living Outdoor furniture uses the highest grade of outdoor fabrics and materials that have been carefully designed to withstand the elements.

For instance, ceramic surfaces are ideal if you’re looking for durability and personality. Ceramic is easy to clean and near-impossible to scratch or break. King Living's Domino Extension Dining Table is a versatile design that offers a choice of ceramic or Alucompact top finishes to lend both style and functionality to your outdoor space.