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Discover the Heritage Extension Dining Table & Heirloom Dining Chair


Our newest dining designs epitomise the intersection of form and function.  

Combining the latest technology with the beauty of natural timber, the Heritage Extension Dining Table and Heirloom Dining Chair are crafted to support generations of dining memories.   

Here, King Living Designer's Ryan McGoldrick and Pearson Bulmer explore the new extension table mechanism, engineering, and aesthetics, and share what makes the design unique. 


The Heritage Extension Dining Table transitions from a 6-seater to 10-seater table. Featuring the Heirloom Dining Chair and Bruny Rug.


Effortless transformation


While extension tables are a well-known concept, the Heritage Extension Dining Table takes this classic design to a new level.  

The standout feature is the exclusive softTouch Extension Technology™, which offers a seamless transformation from a 6-seater to a 10-seater table, making the design the largest option in the dining collection yet. 

The innovative design incorporates a generous one-meter extension leaf and is engineered to provide an effortless open and close.   

“A large extension leaf is typically quite heavy to operate, and we wanted to improve this experience,” Ryan explains. “We designed Heritage with our exclusive softTouch Extension Technology™ to deliver an effortless result that is unique in the marketplace.” 

The table ends also offer synchronised movement, further adding to the seamless functionality of the design.  

“Extending Heritage is a simple two-step process. You slide out one end of the table, and the other smoothly glides into place.” Ryan explains. “Then, using a soft stitched leather handle, you open the extension leaf to complete the transition with the assistance of the softTouch Extension Technology™ that has been developed in house.”  

This thoughtful design not only sets Heritage apart but also showcases King Living's commitment to delivering a premium experience across every facet, from materials and comfort to usability.


The Heritage Extension Dining Table is backed by our 25 Year Steel Frame Warranty.


Strength in structure


Heritage achieves a perfect balance of function and aesthetics. Each material and structural component is thoughtfully selected to ensure the design endures for years to come.  

Engineered with a fully integrated steel frame, the Heritage Extension Dining Table is backed by our 25 Year Steel Frame Warranty.   

“The steel frame extends right through the tabletop to the legs to give the design maximum structural strength.” Pearson shares. “The steel has also been coated in a protective finish to ensure a durable long lasting steel sub structure.”   

The composite wood core tabletop is laminated with thick layers of high-grade solid timber to create a handcrafted finish. Each board is selected by artisans to highlight the natural beauty of the American hardwood and is complete with solid timber edging. 

"Solid timber is like a living material and can over time have a lot of movement especially with changes in humidity and temperature, which can cause cracks to form.” Pearson explains. “For this reason, we chose a composite wood core in combination with thick veneer. This provides longevity while offering reduced weight and still celebrates the natural beauty of the timber."   

The sculpturally angled legs are wrapped in timber veneer for increased stability and are detachable for ease of transportation.  

"The sophisticated construction means that the table has very little movement over time, without forgoing the warmth and texture of real timber." 



The Heritage Extension Dining Table is available in your choice of signature timber finishes.


Aesthetic excellence


Balancing gently on sculpturally angled legs, the grand handcrafted tabletop celebrates the natural beauty of timber.  

The design has been considered from every angle, from the tabletop through the edge detailing, to provide a seamless aesthetic.  

“We intentionally carried the top grain over the ends to create what’s called a waterfall edge,” Ryan shares. “It eliminates the interruption of traditional joints or corners and provides a clean and continuous appearance while remaining honest about the tables internal construction.” 

Achieving a balance of function and aesthetics, the refined timber silhouette provides visual warmth while thoughtfully selected materials ensure longevity. 

“The tabletop core has been laminated with layers of the highest-grade solid timber, and is thicker than standard veneer,” Ryan explains. “The thickness has been specifically chosen to minimise natural movement of the timber and provide durability to last generations" 

The luxuriously deep tabletop and clean lines create a formal yet beautifully simple profile that brings harmony to any dining space.  

Customisable in your choice of signature timber finishes, when paired with the newly designed Heirloom Dining Chair, the setting becomes truly timeless.   


Featuring the Heritage Extension Dining Table in American Walnut, Heirloom Dining Chair in TrueTouch Wattle and Bruny Rug in Fern.


Heirloom Dining Chair


Defined by tailored elegance and a contemporary low profile, the Heirloom Dining Chair perfectly pairs with the Heritage Extension Dining Table.   

Designed by King Living Founder David King, the design features a contemporary open-back style and low-lying silhouette, while contoured curves gently wrap you in lasting comfort.  

“The Heirloom Dining Chair is fitted with the King Living Postureflex® Seating System for support,” Ryan shared. “Paired with the gently curved back and elongated arms, the design provides much greater comfort than traditional timber dining chairs.”    

Like all King Living designs, longevity is a key focus, and the Heirloom Dining Chair is no different. Engineered with a steel frame for a lifetime of strength, the design is backed by the King Living 25 Year Steel Frame Warranty.  

Further ensuring longevity, the Heirloom Dining Chair features removable timber veneer leg covers and offers removable, replaceable covers in a wide choice of premium fabrics and European leathers. 


Featuring the Heritage Extension Dining Table in American Walnut finish. 


A lasting design legacy


Designed, manufactured, and sold exclusively by King Living, the Heritage Extension Dining Table is a statement of enduring style and quality.  

As you gather around with loved ones, you'll not only create cherished memories but also have the opportunity to pass the design down to the next generation.  

“We’re proud of the exceptional quality of Heritage and how simple and effortless we have made the experience to transition to the full table width and back again.” Pearson shared. “It’s a piece to keep for generations.” 

In an age where trends come and go, the Heritage Extension Dining Table stands as a testament to the enduring beauty of craftsmanship and innovation. The ability to seamlessly adapt to your needs and timeless design make it an investment that will endure. 

Shop the Heritage Extension Dining Table and Heirloom Dining Chair online or visit your nearest King Living Showroom to explore the design in person. 

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