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Introducing Fleur

06 Apr 2021 |  Design Product spotlight

One sofa. Two distinct styles. 

Designed in Australia by the King in-house design team, the new Fleur sofa unites a timeless silhouette with ingenious folding backrests and adjustable arms. Fleur changes from low profile to high profile with a single movement, offering two distinct styles in one design.

As a low-line sofa, Fleur’scomfortable seat depth is perfect for entertaining. When the backrest is unfoldedthe sofa offers head support that responds to your weight as you relax.

Fleur, French for flower, takes inspiration from the sofa's opening backrests and flexible armrests that open like blooming petals. But the genesis of Fleur's design runs deeper than pure aesthetics and embodies the King commitment to creating furniture that improves people's lives. 

Designing to solve a problem

For Bradley Saywell, the lead designer on Fleur, the design is a response to a problem that many designs are unable to solve. 

As designers, we're always listening to what the people around us are saying about furniture,” says Bradley“Our families often talk about the lack of head support. The ultimate brief for Fleur was to design a sofa thats both comfortable, provides head support and looks elegantThree elements that don’t usually ghand-in-handAs a teamwe felt that the folding mechanism was a way to solve that problem.” 

Fleur Sofa

The first step in the design was to resolve the folding mechanism. As Bradley explains, it was a design challenge that laid the path for innovation.

"Because the headrest is such a long section of steel, we were rigorous about getting the mechanism to perform. We actually ended up using two mechanisms because there was so much strength required to absorb the resistance when the headrest is extended."

Once the fundamentals of the design were resolved, it became a matter of creating the form that housed the mechanism. Fleur is a true example of form following function. 

Elegantly curved silhouette

When you cast your eye over Fleur’s soft contemporary lines, it's hard to imagine that what lies underneath is the hard-working engineered steel frame that forms the foundation of every King sofa. And that’s exactly the point.

Resting on slender dark bronze legs, Fleur's angled body is softened by elegantly rounded corners that meet the adjustable setback arm. A single topstitch traces the design emphasising the curved silhouette and gently tracing the internal components integrated into each piece. The seat cushion has four layers of foam combined with Postureflex® Seating System to deliver that distinctive sink-in comfort of all King sofas.

Twin needle stitching separates the sofa seat cushion. This design choice is both aesthetic and functional. The stitching allows for a slight dome in the seat that acts like a diaphragm, flexing inward and supporting you as you sit, then springing back into place when you rise. With no loose cushions or feather fill, Fleur is the ultimate low-maintenance sofa. 

The end product of over 40 years of King comfort technology, Fleur’s elegantly curved silhouette is understated in approach and destined to become an Australian design icon.  

Fleur Lounge Chair in Hamilton Spice.

The Fleur Collection

A true statement of modern style, the Fleur collection includes the sofa, an ottoman in three sizes, and a swivel lounge chair 

Also featuring the folding backrest, the Fleur Armchair swivels 180 degrees, self-centring when you stand to ensure the chair is always neatly aligned.  

Fleur is available in premium King fabrics and leathers. Like all King sofas, Fleur's covers are completely removable so that they can be professionally cleaned or replaced for a whole new look. 


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