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Creating a versatile living space with Caro Tran

09 Dec 2021 |  Inspiration


Inspired by her favoured neutral colour palette and sprinkled with pops of colour, stylist and brand designer, Caro Tran’s home in Sydney’s inner city is a modern sanctuary. 

But as is the case for many of us, in recent times Caro’s living space has become so much more than just the heart of the home for entertaining and relaxing. 

While Caro describes her working day as “complicated”, she needs her home to meet the multiple hats she wears each day.

“No single day is the same,” she explains. “I’m doing a million things at once, always. I’m either running around as a stylist for a shoot or consulting in someone’s office, prepping clothes or props, shooting things at home. It’s always different.” 

Filled with pieces from the KING Collection, Caro has created a living space that is stylish and versatile, perfect for the changing way she uses her home.

“Now I’m spending so much time at home, which I would never do before,” she explains. “My living space is so many more things to me now. I use it as an office, a studio, a living space and a place to unwind.”


Classic styling with good design are the basis of Caro’s interior choices. Oliver Tub Chair featured in Bowen Natural.


Style with longevity in mind

What is the perfect sofa? In Caro’s world it could be a seat, a wardrobe, a desk for the day or somewhere to relax. 

For Caro, well designed clothes are just as important as good design in the home. This continuity of discernment in design is a major influence in her life. 

“My key pieces in my living room are really functional,” she says. “Everything needs to be considered and well designed.”

It’s for that reason that she selects her furniture with longevity in mind. 

“When choosing key pieces for my home it’s really important that the design is long lasting,” she explains. “Good design in the home is just as important as well designed clothes and a good outfit.”


Caro adds personality and interest to her space by introducing pops of colour and contrasting textures and tones. 


Playing with texture and tone

Caro has built her home style around a neutral base. “My style is clean and minimal but I do like touches of colour and pops of fun,” she says. 

To add interest and personality into her space, Caro mixes tones and textures. The boucle fabric of the Oliver Tub Chair contrasts with the marble finish of the Crescent Table. She is also a believer that a “room isn’t finished unless there’s art hanging on the walls.”

Add in the fresh flowers that Caro purchases every week and the neutral base becomes a canvas for luxurious living to suit her lifestyle.


The Zaza Sofa in Bronte Natural combines comfort and functionality to serve as the perfect workspace.


A sofa for every purpose

What is the perfect sofa? In Caro’s world it could be a seat, a wardrobe, a desk for the day or somewhere to relax. 

“My idea of the perfect sofa is something that looks nice but can actually serve so many different purposes,” she says. “It has to be well designed but comfortable.”

The Zaza Sofa is the ideal all-rounder for Caro’s living space. The depth of the seat gives her the flexibility to switch from relaxation to work mode in absolute KING signature sink-in comfort without compromising on style and design. 

Caro’s approach to her work from home lifestyle is much the same as her approach to selecting furniture for her home. She likes to stick to her normal routine, starting the day with exercise and then dressing as if for a normal work day.

“I still get ready and put on an outfit like I’m going to an office or to a shoot,” she explains. “It’s distracting for me to stay in pyjamas or a tracksuit all day.”


The Crescent Table in various heights work harmoniously in a nested style.


The multifunctional coffee table

As for coffee tables, Caro once again lands in the intersection of functionality and style. The large marble surface of the Crescent Table suits a variety of purposes while adding a luxurious touch to the space.

“My perfect coffee table is something that's quite large where I can style all of my pieces but also serves as a desk or a dinner table or somewhere to entertain,” she says.

Caro nests tables together to create a functional centrepiece while also using the same style across the room to serve as a side table.


From working during the day to unwinding at night, Caro’s living space is versatile and stylish.


Quick questions with Caro Tran

What’s your idea of a perfect night at home?

Pasta on the couch and catching up on a TV show or watching an old movie.

Who are the three style icons you would love to have over for cocktails?

Phoebe Philo, Miuccia Prada and Jonathan Anderson. I’m not the best bartender so we’d be drinking vodka soda.

What’s the best style advice you’ve ever received?

Quality over quantity. Choosing long lasting and well designed pieces that will last the distance.

What type of paste would you cook to eat while watching a movie on the sofa?

I’m quite messy but I’d cook a bolognese and I love any kind of rom com.

Cut flowers or candles? Cut flowers.

Perfect playlist or perfect book?  Perfect Playlist. 

Chocolate or cheese? Chocolate.

Leather or linen? Leather.

Sunset or sunrise? Sunset.



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