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Sonia Chew on creating her dream home

03 Dec 2021 |  Inspiration


Four years after buying her studio apartment, radio and media personality Sonia Chew is now living in her dream home. Sonia has watched her apartment transform from a vacant piece of land into an escape where she can shut off from the external stresses of the world. 

While she says that it’s “surreal”  to be living in her own space, Sonia is also proud of the hard work it represents. “It’s ok to feel proud of yourself sometimes,” she says. “We should give ourselves more credit.”

Sonia’s busy work schedule is filled with shoots, meetings, research and her daily drive time show. In amongst all of this, she makes a point to take at least one full day of rest each week, ideally spent with family and friends. 

It was important to Sonia that her new home meets the demands of her lifestyle and provides a space to enjoy her downtime. Using pieces from the KING Collection, Sonia has created her dream home.


Sonia’s personal style is evident throughout the interior of her dream home. Featured the Issho Side Table in Congo.

Injecting personal style into the home

Not everyone is lucky enough to have an ex-architect for a father who can step in as interior designer. Sonia is. 

“It was so seamless! He knows my taste,” she recalls. “It also helps that he has similar taste and completely understood what I was looking for. He’s got some experience in this field as well, and his strengths are in clean, simple designs that don’t waste space. Everything is well thought of and optimised.”  

Inspired by the feeling of tranquility you get when by the ocean, Sonia injected her personal style into the interiors to create a space where she feels rested and calm. 

“I love more muted, neutral colours and I feel like that really came through in the design of my place,” she explains. “Customised pieces that are modular and also multifunctional hits the nail on the head for me too! Lighting is so important to me as well, and I’ve chosen to do ambient, cove lighting for the whole apartment.”


Sonia chose the Zaza Sofa for it’s timeless curves, versatile design and sink-in comfort.


Choosing classic furniture

Sonia says that KING fit all her criteria when choosing furniture for her home.

“I wanted classic pieces that complemented each other, but also modular pieces that I can take with me to my future homes too, and King was literally perfect for that.”

For her sofa, Sonia was drawn to Zaza, which she ended up choosing for it’s timeless design and detailed simplicity. Zaza offers relaxed seating for any occasion with that signature KING sink-in comfort for unwinding after a long day at work. 

“The way it’s designed is incredibly smart,” she explains. “Not only is it the most comfortable and spacious two seater sofa I’ve sat on, the armrests are also adjustable and can turn into a sofa bed in case anyone needs to crash for the night. On top of that, the fabric choices were stunning.”


The Quay Outdoor Chair and Calypso Round Table combine to create a resort-style urban oasis on Sonia’s balcony.


Designing a balcony with a lush resort feel

A lover of nature and the outdoors, Sonia’s outdoor space was a priority. She wanted a resort-style home setting where she can remove herself from the bustle of daily life. 

Ultimately, Sonia landed on the Quay Outdoor Chair for its versatility and elegant yet light appearance. The Calypso Round Table is the perfect complement to her outdoor seating. 

“With King's outdoor pieces, it immediately transports me to the resorts in Phuket or even Lake Como,” she says. “The colourway also adds a touch of elegance and doesn’t overwhelm the balcony – it elevates the look of that space.”


Celebrating Chinese New Year at home

Sonia’s favourite memories of Chinese New Year are of her grandma’s signature rice bowls from her childhood and the many special moments she shared with her cousins. This coming Chinese New Year, she looks forward to celebrating with those same cousins, many who live abroad. 

“The celebrations might still be muted, but I think we’re just all more focused on each other’s health and wellbeing,” she says. “We have lots to be grateful for.”

With plans to complete visitation on the first day, Sonia intends to spend much of the holiday poolside with a cocktail in hand. No doubt, she’ll also enjoy the luxe spaces she has created in her dream home to enjoy the holiday and share time with family and friends.


Quick Questions with Sonia Chew

What’s your favourite holiday destination? 

This is so tough to choose! It would be a toss-up between Spain, Phuket and LA.  

Who would you invite to your ideal dinner party? 

I’m quite low key outside of work so I’d really stick to my closest friends where conversations are unhinged! 

What would you serve them? 

I make a pretty damn good pao fan dinner!  

Who are your style icons? 

Rihanna and Zendaya are my current style inspirations!  

What’s your favourite scent? 

For perfume, CHANEL No 5. Room scents- AKINN’s lavender and ginger spray! 

Sunset or sunrise? Sunset. 

Pasta or noodles? Noodles! Can’t resist my meepoks and Laksa. 

Award-winning documentary or Oscar-winning film? Film! 

A great book or a great playlist? Playlist. Bonus points if I can enjoy both together! 

Flowers or indoor plants? Plants!


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