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Lisa Wipfli on elegant and easy family living

16 Dec 2021 |  Inspiration


She’s a woman of impeccable style. A mum of three. A successful business owner. And the wife of radio personality Mike “Wippa” Wipfli. But what’s perhaps most impressive about Lisa Wipfli is how effortlessly she balances her family’s busy schedule.

“My average day as a mum is nonstop, which I think every parent can relate to,” she says. “No two days are the same.”

She gets the kids off to school, works while her youngest, Francesca, is napping and ends the day with a good book and five minutes of meditation. 

Family life for the Wipfli’s centres around their everyday living spaces. An elegant and relaxed living room and a casual outdoor space, designed for easy entertaining. The hero of both spaces is the Jasper, a sofa that Lisa describes as “the most comfortable couch we’ve ever had.”

Lisa shares how she injects her personal style to create family friendly spaces that invite both relaxation and play into the home.


The Jasper Sofa in Whiteley Riverstone with American Walnut Timber, Oliver Tub Chair in Hamilton Whitehavenand Issho Coffee Table in American Walnut feature alongside pieces Lisa and Mike have collected from moments in their life.


Lisa's interior style

In three words, Lisa describes her style as “classic, comfort, tonal.”

“My interior style is very classic, neutral tones,” she adds. “But I've got a little bit more confident using artwork and other pieces to bring in a bit of personality and colour.”

The house Lisa and Mike live in now with their family is the third home the couple have shared. She calls it their “beautiful little sanctuary.”

“It's quite calm at times,” she says. “But I love that when we get home from a busy day, we can sit on the couch and relax and watch some TV. We play out in the garden, jump on the tramp, and it just feels like home.”

What is most meaningful to Lisa, and perhaps what makes her home the sanctuary it is, is that they have put their own stamp on the house through renovations.

“I love that our home is made of many pieces that have meaning from different times in our life,” she explains. “I also love that it's a work in progress. We're soon to do another extension and landscaping so it feels like an ever changing piece of artwork.”


Lisa has designed a living space that is liveable, comfortable and stylish for the whole family to enjoy.


Family friendly living

It’s not easy to strike the balance between a chic living space and a launch pad for the kids to play. But that’s what Lisa has achieved.

Lisa credits her approach with the perfect combination of making the space liveable, comfortable and stylish.

“You still have to design the space so that you as an adult love it. But I think it's so important for it to be really livable and for everything to be comfortable. So the kids don't feel uptight when they're jumping on the couch and relaxing in front of the TV.”

Quality and durability are essential in the Wipfli household. With three children in the house, the furniture needs to stand up to whatever the kids throw at it.

“I was cooking dinner one night, and Francesca decided to get a bright pink texta and cover our entire white couch in drawing scribbles,” Lisa recalls. 

That’s why Lisa is such a fan of KING furniture. The Jasper Sofa and Oliver Tub Chair are both in lighter shades. But the quality fabrics allow for easy cleaning to withstand the chaos of family life. They also pair beautifully with the Issho Coffee Table in American Walnut for a sophisticated and elegant look.


Lisa’s outdoor entertaining area is equally family friendly.


Outdoor entertaining 

Lisa admits that when it comes to entertaining, her preference is for having guests during the day and making the most of their stunning outdoor space.

“We love daytime entertaining, you know, being outside and doing a really lovely casual barbecue, salads and seafood and enjoying the sunshine,” she says.


Lisa relaxes on the Jasper Outdoor Sofa in Maldives White with Dusk WeatherWeave®.


Much like her living room serves a double duty as a space to relax and for the kids to play, her outdoor area also serves a similar dual purpose. 

“We've got three young children, so to create the perfect outside living area is all about somewhere that's really informal, comfortable, so Mike and I can sit and watch the kids play while we try and relax,” she explains.

“The Jasper Outdoor is fabulous,” she says. The fact that this version is weather durable, so comfortable and this fabric is super durable. We just had crayons on it and we wiped them off and that was fabulous. And it's really so comfortable.” 

The Luna Outdoor Chair provides another seating option for guests while the Oasis Outdoor Coffee Ottoman and Side Table finish the space.


The Luna Outdoor Chair in Salt with Maldives White Cover and Oasis Outdoor Coffee Ottoman and Side Table in Dawn Waterfall WeatherWeave® completes the outdoor setting.


Sustainability and Australian design 

From the KING furniture she has chosen for her home to many of the fashion designers she chooses for her wardrobe, Lisa is a strong believer in Australian design.

“What I love about Australian design is I think we have some of the most talented interiors and fashion businesses right here in Australia,” she explains. “We don't have to look any further. There's so much inspiration just right here.”

Lisa also recognises the importance of sustainability in design, something we do so well here in Australia.


Lisa values quality and sustainability in her furniture and fashion and is inspired by Australian design.


"Sustainability is really important for me, especially with furniture and fashion,” Lisa adds. “Now we buy pieces that are classic items that we love. It's all about buying more expensive items that are going to stand the test of time, and are going to live with us for a long time.”


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Quick questions with Lisa Wipfli


Podcast or novel? Definitely novel.

Floral or checks? Checks.

Surf or snow? Surf. 

Trench coat or bomber jacket? 100% trench coat.

Wool boucle or Belgian linen? Belgian linen

Who would you invite to your classic Australian barbecue?

My closest friends and family.


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