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Introducing the Vertio Wall System

06 Jan 2022 |  Product spotlight

Every great design begins with a problem and ends with an innovative solution. The new Vertio Wall System is no exception. The inspiration for the design came when a member of the Design Team here at KING, was moving house. His favourite bookshelf didn't fit the space in his new home, and because it was preassembled as one solid unit, it was a challenge to move.

The problem got the Design Team thinking. Could they build a wall system that combined the trademark modular flexibility and exceptional quality that KING furniture is renowned for?

The brief called for a flexible wall system that could be reconfigured and reassembled easily. A sophisticated design that would work well in both expansive and compact living spaces. The end result certainly delivered. As the KING Design Team explains, the Vertio Wall System found a natural home in the KING Collection.

"The modularity and flexibility of Vertio aligns with the King ethos. King has been designing modular sofas for over forty years, and now we're applying that same thinking to shelving."


Vertio was designed to suit your space and lifestyle. Featuring Vertio wall mount with American Walnut timber shelves and fold-down cabinets.

Modular shelving

The concept of modular shelving originated in the late 1940s, championed by leading mid-century designers like Poul Cadovius, Dieter Rams and Adriaan Dekker. Many of those early designs, including the Royal System and the 606 Universal Shelving System, are still in production today.The Vertio Wall System works with the core principles of those iconic designs embracing the shared values of flexibility and longevity as a true reflection of how KING has designed furniture for more than 40 years. The result is a considered design, beautiful in its simplicity, defined by the fine crafted details of each individual component. Vertio stands true as a contemporary Australian design leveraging modern manufacturing techniques to create the next iteration that speaks to a new generation.


Vertio can be configured as a single unit or an expansive room divider


Two mounting options

The Vertio Wall System can be wall mounted or compression mounted between the floor and ceiling. The two options accommodate different types of walls, floors and ceiling structure and allow for different placements. Both mounting options can be placed against the wall, and the floor to ceiling mount can also be used as a room divider.

"When you position Vertio against the wall, it functions as a shelving unit allowing the objects on it to take centre stage. When Vertio is mounted as a room divider, it becomes more of a statement piece."


Defined by detail

Every component in the Vertio Wall System is finished with meticulous detail. Each piece has been thoroughly considered, the design flowing naturally from the fundamental geometry of the unit as a whole.

"We wanted the timber to be the hero of the design, bringing warmth to the black powder-coated metal components. To achieve this, we decided on a very clean finish free of any ornamentation, so no handles or hardware other than what was entirely necessary."



Refined shelves and cabinets are secured in place by sculpted shelf brackets. Twin-door and fold-down cabinets feature a waterfall detail, with the timber grain flowing seamlessly down each side. Doors with integrated top handles are angled to complement the shelves.



Accessible design

Making the Vertio Wall System accessible to both homeowners and people living in rental properties was a key problem the Design Team were determined to solve. Vertio is designed to move when you move. It was essential to design a system that could be mounted with minimal disturbance to walls, floors and ceilings.

The solution came in the form of the two mounting systems - wall mount and floor to ceiling mount via compression. The base of both mounting options gives you the option to secure to the floor with either a screw or 3M adhesive.



The wall mount attaches to the wall at a 90-degree angle with screw fixings for each vertical pole. The compression mount is secured to the ceiling with a single screw. Both options are designed for streamlined installation with minimal disturbance to the substrates. First, however, it's important to note the specific structural requirements for each, clearly outlined in the Vertio Wall System Planning Guide.



Easy planning

The KING online configurator makes planning your Vertio Wall System easy. Simply enter you ceiling height and drag and drop the components to build your custom package. You can also choose from a range of popular packages online.