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Introducing Kato

04 Jan 2022 |  Product spotlight


Discover Kato, the latest sofa from the KING design team, expertly crafted for contemporary luxury.  Kato sits lightly on a grand footprint, giving you the choice of a double or grand double chaise, curved corner modules, integrated timber components, and a contrasting base finished in European leather.  

 As the KING in-house design team explain, “The elegance of Kato stems from its simplicity. The design is completely modular but sits lightly in the space courtesy of the low-profile floating platforms.”  

For the past five decades, KING has crafted innovative designs that push the boundaries of what furniture can achieve. Kato is a testament to that commitment. The considered design is a showcase of the in-house process. An iterative approach that distils the learnings of best-selling sofas such as Jasper, Plaza and Bellaire to create a new contemporary design. 


Designed for grand-scale contemporary luxury, the double chaise is the perfect spot to unwind. Featured in Boyd Linen, Viva Silver leather, and American Walnut timber. 


Designed for flexible living

With the modular flexibility, KING is known for, Kato can be adapted to suit expansive interiors and smaller living spaces. 

Beckoning you with sink-in comfort, both the double and grand double chaise make a striking statement. Seat cushions made from a blend of feather and Ultradown® offer the perfect spot for unwinding and relaxing together. 

As much a statement in sophistication as comfort, Kato can be customised with tailored covers in luxurious fabrics or premium leathers exclusive to KING. Or opt for a custom package with the combination of a leather base and fabric seats.  


Kato’s curved corners offer a different silhouette compared to L-shaped sofas.  


Curved corners

Offering a different silhouette compared to a traditional L-shaped sofa, Kato’s curved corner components are designed to bring flow to your living space. As explained by the KING Design team, “We’ve taken the compact platforms and paired them with a rounded corner module for a fluid approach to comfortable luxury.” 


Effortlessly modular, Kato can be rearranged to suit your space. Note: Morpheus Coffee Table, Fleur Tub Chairs, and Kato integrated smart light are not currently available. 


Low-line lounging

Kato achieves the clean, contemporary design thanks to the KING steel frame, which provides a strong foundation for the elongated platforms that rest lightly on stylised legs. The platforms seem to almost float, sitting off the ground for easy cleaning. 

Set at the same height, arms and back create an architectural line across the design. A removable bolster adds to the contemporary aesthetic, as well as, providing additional support.  

As with all KING sofas, the signature steel frame works in unison with the PostureFlex® seating system, inspired by the steel suspension used in luxury cars, for optimal comfort and support.  


Enjoy the convenience of optional accessories, including a media console and integrated smart lighting, featured in American Walnut. 


Customisable accessories 

Personalised to perfection, the modular Kato features integrated accessories designed for your lifestyle, offering convenience side by side with deep-seated comfort.  


Kato accessories are available in three premium timber finishes, including American Walnut, Smoked Oak, and Congo. 


Timber shelves provide space to keep everyday items close at hand, while media consoles, available in either 780mm or 1040mm lengths, feature concealed storage beneath a flat lid for hidden convenience. The larger media console even offers the option of integrated smart lighting. 


Kato has been conceived with careful attention to detail, showcasing the expertise of KING craftspeople. 


Master tailoring

It’s the smallest details, effortless in their simplicity, that speak to the refined design. As the KING Design team explain,  

"The hand-stitched detail across the seat cushions, backs, and the grand chaise exhibit the mastery of King craftspeople." 

This central twin-needle tuft provides added control to the cushioning for enhanced comfort and easy maintenance of the contemporary aesthetic. 

Like all KING sofas, Kato features removable covers that are easily removed for professional cleaning or replacement. It's one of the many ways KING ensures your investment is crafted to last for generations. 


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